McDonald's Happy Meal Readers | ANIMATION

I spent my time with the lovely people at R/GA bringing to life the children's books by the amazing Cresida Cowell, for McDonald's. 

The task was to take the physical books and turn them into magical, digital counterparts that the readers could progress seamlessly as they read or tracked the words on screen. 

We aimed to elevate the books by not just floating images on screen, but treating the product as if it was a cartoon: Full body animations, hand drawn elements, endless loops and a tonne of fun moments. 

I joined R/GA in 2019 and for two years long, producing over 20 books. Each book was animated in Spine and built in Unity. The animationed had to be programmed in order to flow from one loop to the next in order to respond fluidly to the readers.

Countless 2D environments were created the perfect illusion characters that were fully rigged to have 360 turnaround.

Each book contained multiple characters, a unique animal which was the focus of each chapter. Hand drawn elements supported a lot of the scenes and glued everything together.

I'm incredibly proud of this body of work. Worked alongside some incredible talent like Alex Nechifor and cherish the memories of coming up with wild ideas to make each page fun to look at.