Lighthouse is a product I helped develop at WAI originally for Balfour Beatty. It's a health & safety induction app turned into a game  to make health & safety less dry.

To understand the context of the challenge, we spent some time in Balfour Beatty's reception area - observing how many visitors arrived during the day, where they sat, what they did whilst waiting for their hosts and how long it took for their hosts to come and collect them. From this, we gleaned some key insights: We'd need to deliver the information in under 2 minutes (average stay in reception was 5.5 minutes); We'd be competing with their phones for the visitor's attention; and we'd likely be engaging at 2 visitors at any one time.

We decided to the best way to grab visitor's attention was to place the information in an accessible tablet format close to where they were sitting. We also created a fun and quirky game-like, 3D virtual environment based on Balfour Beatty's office. We then challenged visitor's to navigate through this environment and 'collect' as many hazards as possible.

The solution has been deemed a huge success, with engagement rates that have far exceeded expectations. It's since been rolled out to other Balfour Beatty offices and been featured at several National Health & Safety exhibitions.