Character Design

I've drawn as long as I can remember. I spent thousands upon thousands of hours of drawing, painting, studying, copying (not tracing), animating with a lightbox, sculpting, poly modeling and kitbashing. Drawing and sculpting for me is big part of me. I try to make it a part of all of my work, one way or another.

One thing I love to draw are characters. I designed characters for games, animation and film. I love finding an emotional being out of nothing. 

My main tools for creation are Blender, Zbrush and any software that helps me sketch. It used to be Photoshop, but I'm leaning quite heavily on Krita these days.

Being obsessed with building, I always take it all the way through to a stage where the character is rigged to be alive and ready to move and express themselves.

I love designing monsters, mechanical beings and strange humanoids.

I also love stylised characters, lead with simple lines.